Viewing a Payment Request History

Every Payment Request you make is recorded in the Payment Request History section of the Payments menu option.

Any Payment Requests made during Training Mode will be delivered, but money cannot be processed until you enter Live Mode. Click here for our guide on how to complete Payment set up and enter Live Mode

To view a previous Payment Request:

1. Open the Payments menu

2. Go to the Payment Request History section of the new page that opens


Directly before the Payment Request History section, there will be blocks dedicated to breaking down:


  • The total number of payment requests made
  • The number of past due payment requests 
  • The total amount of money you've received using Payments
  • Your average conversion rate (or the number of  payment requests completed, compared to the number of payment requests you've sent) 




Payment Requests are organized by: 


  • Date created
  • The contact it was sent to
  • The description you gave the request
  • Amount requested 
  • Status 

Check out our guide on how to filter and find different Payment Requests



Selecting the + symbol next to a Payment Request will open a more detailed breakdown of its history.




Payments can have six different possible statuses:


Sent - The text with the Payment Request was successfully delivered, but no action has been taken by the contact yet

Paid - The contact has successfully made the payment

Past Due - The contact is past due on their payment—this date range can be defined in the Settings section of your Payments menu

Marked Paid - You have previously marked the request as paid—this could be because the payment was made through a different channel, like cash or in-person 

Canceled - You have canceled the request

Failed - The text with the Payment Request was not delivered to the contact (here’s why that may have happened)


If a payment has been Sent or is Past Due, expanding its history will give you the option to:




Any of these actions will be recorded for you to reference in this section.