Filtering and Downloading Payment Requests

We have filters to help you find specific Payment Requests. Once those filters are applied, you can download the corresponding Payment Request History as a spreadsheet.

Any Payment Requests made during Training Mode will be delivered, but money cannot be processed until you enter Live Mode. Click here for our guide on how to complete Payment set up and enter Live Mode

To filter and download your Payment Request History as a spreadsheet:

1. Go to the Payments menu



2. Select the Filter button on the new page that opens, and choose the filters you want applied



The filters you can choose, include:

  • Show all
  • Last 7 days
  • Month to date
  • Year to date

There is also a Show only past due requests button that can be applied to your filter. 

We also include a Set custom date range button, in case you want to get even more specific with exact dates.



Be sure to select Save after you’ve chosen the custom dates you want to apply.




3. After you’ve chosen all your desired filters, select the Apply & Close button



You’ll then be able to scroll down to the Payment Request History section and see your filtered results. Payment Requests can be sorted by: 

  • Date created
  • The contact it was sent to
  • The description you gave the request
  • Amount requested 
  • Status

The default is date descending, newest to oldest. You can select the sort arrow next to each header to re-sort requests.



It’s also possible to change how many Payment Requests appear on a page by selecting the dropdown arrow in the right corner of the Payment Request History section.



All of these filters and adjustments you make to your Payment Request History section will be reflected in any spreadsheets you download.


How do you download your Payment Request History as a spreadsheet?

Once you’re happy with the filters you have applied, select the download icon in the top right corner of the Payment Request History section. All of the info in the Payment Request History bar will appear in the same order in the spreadsheet—date, contact, description, amount, and status.