Creating a Payment Request

You can send a Payment Request anywhere you would regularly compose an individual message, or directly within the Payments section of your menu.

Any Payment Requests made during Training Mode will be delivered, but money cannot be processed until you enter Live Mode. Click here for our guide on how to complete Payment Set Up and enter Live Mode

To send a new Payment Request:

1. Go to the Payments menu, or anywhere you would regularly compose a message

2. If composing a message, select the dollar icon. If inside the Payments menu, select Request Payment



3. A new window will open and ask you to choose the contact’s phone number (if you haven’t already), the amount of money you want to request, a description of what product or service the payment is for, the message you’d like to send along with the request, and an optional reference number

Note that the Amount Requested, Description of Product/Services, and Message fields will be seen by contacts. The reference number will not be visible and is intended for your internal reference. 


4. Double check that you’re okay with the Convenience Fee you have set (this can be edited in the Settings section of the Payment menu option)

5. (Optional) Schedule the Payment Request for later date and time by selecting the clock icon


6. Once you’re happy with everything, select Send Payment Request

After the Payment Request has been sent, you can check its status by viewing its history. Click here for our guide on Payment Request Histories

What will contacts see when they receive your Payment Request?

The text contacts receive will include your Merchant Name, the original Description of Product/Service, if one was included in the original Payment Request, and the message:

“Click below to pay [amount] for [merchant name] [payment link]”


The Reference Number you entered is for internal use only and will not be seen by contacts.