Sending Payment Request Reminders

You can send payment reminders in the Payment Request History section of your Payments menu.

Any payment requests made during Training Mode will be delivered, but money cannot be processed until you enter Live Mode. Click here for our guide on how to complete Payment set up and enter Live Mode

To send a payment reminder request:

1. Open the Payments menu

2. Go to the Payment Request History section 

3. Filter and find the payment request you’re looking for (click here for our guide on how to use our payments filter)

4. Select the + next to the payment request when you find it


5. Select the Send reminder button

Reminders can only be sent to Payment Requests with a Sent status. Generally, we recommend waiting at least one day to send a reminder, but it will help to create your own internal policy for when reminders are sent. 

Once a reminder has been sent, it will be listed in the expanded section of the request, along with the date and account email that sent it.

What will contacts see when they receive your Payment Request reminder?

Reminders appear to the contact as the word "Reminder," the original Description of Product/Services, if one was included in the Payment Request, a line break, and then the message:

“Text [code] to pay [amount] for [merchant name] [link]”