Marking a Payment Request as Paid

You can mark an existing Payment Request as paid in the Payment Request History section of your Payments menu.

Marking a payment request as paid is useful if the contact paid in a way that wasn’t via text message, but you still want to mark it as paid inside Text Request.

Note: Any Payment Requests made during Training Mode will be delivered, but money cannot be processed until you enter Live Mode. Visit our guide for setting up and entering Live Mode.

To mark a Payment Request as paid:

1. Open the Payments menu

2. Go to the Payment Request History section 

3. Filter and find the Payment Request you’re looking for (click here for our guide on how to use our payments filter)

4. Select the + next to the Payment Request when you find it

5. Select the Mark as paid button

Payment Requests marked as paid are also canceled, so contacts cannot double-pay them. Only outstanding Payment Requests can be marked as paid, meaning they must have a Sent or Past Due status.

Once a Payment Request has been marked as paid it cannot be unmarked.