Merge Fields

Merge Fields allows you to personalize messages to different contacts based on the information you have saved to their contact details. Merge Fields can be accessed in Compose Message, Templates, or replies in Conversation Blocks.

The options available to you in Merge Fields correspond with the Custom Fields you've already created for your contacts. General information such as the contact's first name will automatically appear, but if you want to include their email or birthday, you'll need to create a Custom Field for that. Learn more by visiting our Custom Fields help document.


Note: Merge Fields are not available in Group Messages or P2P.

To add Merge Fields to a new message:

1. Click Compose Message.

Compose Message Final

2. Add a Contact you want to message.

3. Click the [ ] icon.

4. Click the Merge Field(s) you want to add to your message.

5. Click SEND when your message is ready.

Merge Fields Compose Final - Copy

Note: You can also add Merge Fields to Thread Replies and Quick Replies. Just find the conversation you want to respond in and follow Steps 3-5 of the guide above.


Defining Fields & Chips

                                       Teal Chip           Gray Chip

     Defined Chip                         Undefined Chip

When you add Merge Fields to a message, you must have all of those fields defined before the message can be sent. If you do have an undefined merge field in your message, there are three ways to define it:

  1. Click each Undefined (gray) Chip individually. You can then update and save that contact’s information directly.
  2. Click the SEND button anyway. This launches a modal that allows you to complete the missing fields and update the contact’s information.
  3. Click Update Fields (red exclamation mark). This launches the same modal as sending the message, allowing you to complete the missing fields and update the contact’s information. 

Learn more about editing a contact’s information in our Contact Details article. 


Merge Fields & Templates

To add Merge Fields to Templates: 

1. Navigate to Templates.


3. Write your Template message.

4. Click [ ] anytime you want to add a Merge Field to your message. 

5. Click Add Template when you’re done.

Merge Field Template Final - Copy

As you can see above, chips will initially be gray when making the template. Once the template is added to a composed message or reply, defined fields will turn teal. Just like when using Merge Fields for messages, you will need to update undefined chips before the message can be sent.


Learn more about what Templates can provide by visiting our Templates article. 


How This is Useful

By adding Merge Fields to Templates, you can create templates that are personalized to multiple contacts. In the above example, that same message could be sent to multiple contacts, but contain each contact’s personal information. 

John Smith’s message: 

“Hi, John Smith. We reached out to your email at” 

Jane Doe’s message: 

“Hi, Jane Doe. We reached out to your email at” 

Merge Fields help add that personal touch for your contacts while making your life easier. Try them out!