Contact Details

The Details window holds all the basic information pertaining to an individual contact, including:

First, Last, and Display Name: In addition to the contact’s first and last name, you’ll also have the option to pick a display or preferred nickname (This display name can give context to who the contact is. For example, if your contact is in home service business, they may have a display name like “Keaton - 100 Georgetown Dr, 39845.”)

Status: Shows whether the contact is active, archived, blocked, or another status

Custom Fields: Allows you to add custom details for each contact, like address or birthday

Contact Tags: Shows who's responsible for the contact

Group Membership: The groups the contact currently belongs to

Notes: Any additional information you’d like to include about the contact


Whenever you add a new contact you’ll be able to enter these details, and you can edit a contact’s details at any time.

This window also gives you the option to go to the contact’s message thread, send them a message, or delete their contact.

To open a contact's details, you just have to select its number.