A Keyword is a unique word or phrase customers text to your business phone number to opt-in for specific information.

Keywords are not case-sensitive and will work regardless of capitalized letters so long as the word or phrase is accurate. For example, if you create the keyword “Coupon,” someone can text in “Coupon” or "coupon", and they’ll expect to receive info on coupons and similar offers. If you want a longer keyword, you can create a phrase such as "FreeCoupons". However, for the keyword to work, you cannot have any spaces between words

Keywords are primarily used for two reasons:

a) To send a preset message to anyone who texts in a keyword

b) To build a group of subscribers, so you can update them on that topic as needed


To create a Keyword:

1. Go to Keywords in the Settings section of your Text Request menu.

2. Click + New Keyword.

3. Name your Keyword. This will be the word or phrase people text to you.

4. (Optional) Type the message customers receive when texting in the Keyword.

New Keyword

5. Decide whether or not to include subscription confirmation when a customer texts in the Keyword for the first time. This is enabled by default. 

6. Click Add Keyword to create your Keyword.


Editing & Deleting Keywords

While you cannot change the name of a keyword, you can edit the response people receive when they text it. 

To edit a Keyword’s response:

1. Go to Keywords in the Settings section of your Text Request menu

2. Select the keyword you want to edit from your list. 

3. Enter the new response you want to appear when people text the keyword.

4. Select Save.

To delete a Keyword:

1. Go to Keyword in the Settings section of your Text Request menu.

2. Locate the keyword you want to delete from your list.

3. Click the three dots under Actions

4. Select Delete Keyword from the listed options. 

5. Click Yes, Delete to confirm the deletion.

Delete Keyword Final


Note: Deleting a Keyword does not delete a Keyword Group or the contacts within it.


Messaging Keyword Subscribers

When you create a keyword, a group is automatically created named Keyword: [Keyword Name]. For example, if you create a Keyword called “Coupon” then a group named Keyword: Coupon is created. 

Sending a message to a list of keyword subscribers is just like sending any other Group Message. Simply find that new group under your Contacts and select Compose

If you’ve created a response for your keyword, that message automatically sends to all new subscribers.


Contacts Opting Out of Keywords

Any contact that texts “STOP [keyword]” is unsubscribed from your keyword list. However, they can still receive texts from your text number. 

If a contact only texts “STOP,” you will no longer be able to text that contact and they will be automatically archived.

For compliance, all contacts are sent an opt-out message the first time you text them.


Keywords Report

Are you curious about which keywords are performing well and how many contacts are texting in? Visit our Keywords Report help article to learn how to run these reports and get the most out of your keywords.