What is an opt-in?

An opt-in refers to a contact who willingly agreed to be text messaged by you.

How do you know a contact has opted in to being messaged?

  • They text you first
  • They’re someone you have a prior business relationship with you (made a purchase or worked with you)
  • They share their number via web or physical form
  • They give verbal or written consent 
  • They ask to join your SMS subscriber list

Messaging only opt-ins keeps you compliant with mobile carriers, meaning higher delivery rates and healthier customer engagement.

Messaging contacts who didn’t willingly opt in to your texts can result in them blocking you out of frustration—which can lead to your number being blacklisted if it happens enough. 

Contacts opt in to your texts because they want something specific from you, and as long as you give them that thing without bombarding them, they'll stick around for a long time.

Here’s our big three golden rules for keeping opt-ins:

  1. Give them what they ask for
  2. Don't send messages too frequently
  3. Encourage two-way conversations
Two-way conversations in particular are huge for adding a personal touch to keep opt-ins engaged. In other words, talk to them like a human.