What is an opt-in?

An opt-in refers to a contact who willingly agreed to receive text messages from you.

Per 10DLC guidelines, you are required to collect opt-ins from all of your contacts. Carriers may begin filtering your messages, resulting in lowered delivery rates if you text contacts who have not opted in to receive messages from you. 

We offer four easy solutions you can choose from to acquire opt-in confirmation. 

  • Keyword – Contact sends a specific “optin” keyword to you, confirming they have opted in to receive messages.
  • Form – Contact completes a digital or paper form with their information, acknowledging you have consent to message them. 
  • Website Language – There is clear opt-in language on your website or SMS chat widget informing contacts they are opting in by using it. 
  • Verbal – Contact is given notice of and accepts opt-in status in person or over the phone. 


Once a contact is considered opted-in, you can message them without worrying about filtering. For more information on each of these options, visit our 10DLC Opt-In Options and 10DLC Keyword Opt-In guides. 


Keep in mind that even if a contact has opted in to receive messages from you, it’s important to maintain a positive relationship with them. If a contact feels your messages are too frequent, a nuisance, or has various other issues with receiving messages from you, they may blacklist your number


Three golden rules for keeping opt-ins:

1. Give them what they ask for

2. Don't send messages too frequently

3. Encourage two-way conversations


Two-way conversations in particular are huge for adding a personal touch to keep opt-ins engaged. In other words, talk to them like a human.