10DLC Opt-In Options

If our keyword option isn’t the right fit for you, there are three other ways to collect opt-ins from contacts.

Optin Options

Paper or digital forms.

With this option, you can offer a form for contacts to fill out. The form can be provided digitally or on paper. To meet 10DLC requirements, these forms must include language that makes opting in to messages clear and optional. 

You’re welcome to use our form, found in the registration process, instead of writing your own. 


Opt-in language on the website.

This option can be fulfilled in two ways. Either you have specific opt-in language on your website or you use the Text Request SMS Chat widget. We recommend this option if you have a chat form anywhere on  your website. 

Option 1: Website

Websites are required to include language that makes it clear to visitors they are opting into messages. They must also give visitors the option to contact you without opting into receiving messages. 


For example:

By checking this box, you agree to receive text messages at the number provided. Message frequency may vary. Standard message and data rates may apply. Text HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel.


Note: The option to receive messages must be manually selected by the user. 


Option 2: Text Request Widget

If you have the Text Request SMS Widget on your website and use it to allow visitors to contact you, then you’re all set. Our widget includes the above example message, so visitors give opt-in consent just by using it to message you.

If you don’t have our widget, learn more about it in our SMS Chat guide


Verbal opt-in.

The final option allows you to notify users via voice and accept their opt-in verbally. This can be done in person or over the phone, depending on what you prefer. For this option, you’ll need to include an example of the script you’ll repeat to notify users and accept their opt-in.

Scripts must include:

1. A request for permission to text the number provided by the contact. 

2. A notice informing them about message and data rates. 

3. Information on how to opt out of future messages.


Our example script below fulfills all of the necessary requirements. Feel free to use it instead of writing your own!


Text Request’s script:

Do we have permission to text you at the number provided? Keep in mind that standard message and data rates may apply and you can always reply STOP to opt out of future messages.