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Profile & Preferences

Adjust your profile, conversation preferences, and notification settings from one easy location.

Accessing Profiles & Preferences

You can access the profiles and preferences screen from anywhere in Text Request. Select your avatar in the top right corner and select any of the four options you see. 

Open P&P


Profile Settings


The first option is your profile. The profile section allows you to customize your personal user profile with four distinct categories.

Display Name: Select the field for either your first or last name and make any edits you need. Click out of the field and your changes save automatically. 

Profile Picture: Select the Change/Add button next to your profile picture to pull up the picture modal. Upload a saved picture from your computer and click the Save button when you’re ready. 

Signatures: Select the Add new signature field and begin crafting your new signature. Hit Enter to save the signature and add it to your available list. For more information on creating, selecting, and deleting signatures, check out our Custom Signatures guide. 

Password: Select the Change Password button to pull up the password modal. Once you’ve given your current password and new password, click the Save button to confirm. 



Conversations Settings


The second option is your conversation preferences. The conversation section allows you to create preferences for how you view and interact with your messages. 

Default Message View: If you prefer a specific message view, set that view as your default here. Not sure what the different message view options are? Take a look at our Message Views guide. 

Default Sorting and Filtering: You can make adjustments to whether you want your messages to display as new first or unresolved first in your queue. 

Resolve on Send: When this preference is on, your conversations are immediately marked as resolved once you send a reply. When it’s off, you must manually mark conversations as resolved.

Persistent Contact Sidebar: When you enter a conversation with this feature on, the contact’s information automatically appears in a sidebar. With it off, you can manually pull up the same sidebar by selecting the contact’s name or number. 



Notifications Settings


The third option is your notification settings. The notification section allows you to adjust your settings for how you are notified of a new message. For more information about notifications, visit our Message Notifications guide

Visual: These appear as green circles with the number of new messages on that dashboard in your dashboard selector modal. If you turn visual notifications on, you can choose whether to have them appear for all dashboards or a selected list of dashboards.

Sound: With sound notifications on, you will receive a sound alert on all lines when a new message comes in. You can set the notification to continue to remind you at various intervals until you interact with the message or only notify you when it first comes in. 



Security Settings

The fourth option is your security settings. This area is currently dedicated to setting up multi-factor authentication for your account. If your administrator requires multi-factor authentication, you'll set it up during your first login attempt after it's activated. If you are not required to use multi-factor authentication, you can enable it here by toggling Verify with SMS on.

For more information about multi-factor authentication, visit our Multi-Factor Authentication guide


Logging Out

At the bottom of the profile and preferences dropdown, your final option is to Log out of Text Request. Simply select this option to immediately sign out and be brought to the Text Request login screen.