Group Message Analytics

A group message block contains a permanent record of a group message and its recipients.



Selecting the body of a group message will open its stats, including:

Message progress — The number of sent and delivered messages vs. the total amount of recipients.

Message analytics — The number of messages sent, messages delivered, errors (contacts your message was not delivered to, such as those who had previously opted out), responses, and opt-outs.

Recipients — A list of every recipient’s display name, phone number, the time the group message was sent, and delivery status. 




response is defined as an inbound message from a contact when the last message they received was the group message, and their response came within 24 hours of the group message being sent.

An opt-out is credited to your group message when the group message was the last message received by the contact before opting out (texting STOP), and the contact opts out within 24 hours of the group message being sent. 


Note: Opt-outs count as responses. This means if a group message displays one opt-out and one response, it is referring to the same message from the contact, not two different responses. 


For billing purposes, all Usage billing is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Depending on your time zone, the cutoff time may vary. For more information, visit our Usage help document