Contact Tags

Contact Tags help you group, sort, and identify contacts based on tags you create.

For instance, you might create contact tags to organize which rep is working with that contact, or which stage of the sales funnel they fit into.

To create a new Contact Tag:

1. Go to Contacts.

2. Under Manage, click Contact Tags.

Manage Contact Tags Final

3. Click + New Contact Tag.

Add New Contact Tag Final

4. Name your tag and assign a color (for easy identification and filtering).

5. Click Add Tag.

Create New Contact Final

You can edit a tag’s name and color anytime by moving your mouse over it and selecting the pencil icon. Any edits you make to a tag will automatically update across the rest of your dashboard.

Edit Contact Tags Final

Edit a Contact’s Tags

You can edit an existing contact’s tags by opening the contact’s Details section in the Contacts menu of your dashboard.

To edit a Contact’s existing tags: 

1. Click the Contact’s phone number to open its Details.

2. Expand Contact Tags.

3. Click the Add Contact Tags dropdown.

4. Select the name of the Contact Tag or the + button.

5. Click the Add button.

6. Click Save Edits.

Edit Existing Contact Tags Final

7. To remove a contact tag, click the X next to the tag, then click Save Edits.


Contacts can have any number of tags or no tags at all. The Details section can also be accessed anywhere else that contact is shown, such as Conversation Blocks or Payments


All the Colors You Want

When assigning a color to a Contact Tag, you can either choose one of the preset colors available or make a brand new one. Use the color wheel to determine which color you want and then the shade slider to move between a lighter or darker version of that color. This not only helps when you have dozens of contact tags, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Color Picker Final


When using the color wheel, keep in mind that not everyone sees color the same way. The quick select colors that appear above the wheel were chosen based on specific guidelines that allow for the widest variety of people to be able to distinguish between. Try to keep your Contact Tag colors as different as possible to prevent people from getting confused. 


Where Can I See Contact Tags?

Contact Tags can be found in most places where a Contact Name appears — in your Conversation Views, headers of message threads, Contact Details — as well as in many filter options. The example below shows Contact Tags in the top right corner of a Conversation Block when viewing the Conversation Queue

Conversation Block CTs

Sorting by Contact Tags

When viewing your messages, you can adjust the order they display by using the Message Filter. This allows you to sort by unresolved, newest, and Contact Tags. 

To sort messages by Contact Tags: 

1. Go to Messages.

2. Click Sort & Filter.

3. Click on the Contact Tag(s) you’d like to apply. 

4. Click APPLY & CLOSE

Filter Contact Tags Final