10DLC Registration

10DLC stands for "10 digit long code," or standard phone numbers like 123-456-7890. For messages to deliver, carriers require businesses and organizations to register their 10DLC numbers.

To comply with carriers, you need to register your organization (brand) and the use cases (campaigns) you text for. Otherwise, your carrier will start filtering your messages, potentially impacting their delivery. 


For more information on what 10DLC is and why registration matters, feel free to visit our 10DLC Registration & Regulations: Your Complete Guide article.


If you've already completed 10DLC registration, but are looking for information on the new opt-in requirements, please refer to our 10DLC Keyword Opt-In and 10DLC Opt-In Options guides. 


Information Needed for 10DLC Registration

The following list might seem like a lot, but all you need to do is fill out two quick forms and we’ll handle the rest. 

The 10DLC registration process requires the following information:

  • Your company’s legal name

  • Your company’s country of registration

  • The type of your organization (private, publicly traded, nonprofit)

  • Your company’s tax number/ID/EIN

  • Your business’s website

  • Descriptions of each campaign you text for

  • Sample messages for each campaign you text for

  • Description of how contacts opt-in to receive your messages

Completing 10DLC Registration

To complete 10DLC registration:

1. Go to Account in your navigation menu or click Account Settings in the banner at the top of your screen. 

2. Select 10DLC Management from the available options.

3. Complete the Company – Set Up form.

4. Click Submit and wait for the form to be accepted. 

5. Complete the Use Case – Set Up form. You cannot complete this form until the Company – Set Up form is accepted. 


With both forms completed and accepted, you’re all set! We’ll submit your information immediately, but it can take several weeks for full approval from our connectivity partners. You can send texts during this time period but you may experience a lower throughput and higher filtering until you are fully registered.


Before you send word to the masses, you may want to review our guide on anti-spam recommendations. This will help you keep texting without accidentally triggering a carrier’s spam filter. 


Common 10DLC Registration Issues

While we do our best to get your registration approved by our carriers, there are a few common reasons a registration attempt may not pass. To ensure you have the best chance of approval and the least amount of time waiting, please make sure you carefully go over the following before submitting registration:

Use Case Selection — It is imperative that the use case you submit in your registration is as accurate as possible. If you're confused or unsure what your company's use case is, please reach out to our support team for assistance. 

Vague Opt-In Flow — Carriers are strict when it comes to approving your method for collecting opt-ins from contacts. Include as much detail as you can possibly provide to ensure a smooth approval process. 

Missing or Non-Compliant Privacy Policies — Your registration will be denied if your privacy policy is not listed on your company website. Put your policy in a visible, easily accessed section of your website. Your privacy policy must state that you do not share or obtain contact information with third parties.

If sharing information with third parties or affiliates is needed, the policy must clearly state that text message opt-in is not shared with anyone except the entity that the end user shared their consent with.