Webhooks are automated messages sent from Text Request when an event you designate happens.

Webhooks allow you to get notifications when messages are sent, new messages are received, contacts are created, contacts are updated, payment requests are updated, and when location requests are received. For a full writeup of Text Request's API functionality, check out our API v3 documentation

Only accounts with API Access have access to Webhooks and only administrators of that account can create and manage them. If you’re interested in adding API Access to your plan, check out our Plans and Add-ons guide


To create a new webhook:

1. Go to Integrations in your navigation menu.

2. Select API Key & Webhooks from the listed integrations. 

3. Select +New Webhook to open the creation menu.

New Webhook

4. Designate the Event and Uri for your new Webhook.

5. Click Create. 


To delete a webhook:

1. Locate the webhook in your list. 

2. Select the actions button (three vertical dots).

3. Select Delete Webhook from the given options.

Delete Webhook

You can also reconnect a disconnected webhook by following the same steps and selecting Reconnect rather than Delete.