Plans and Add-ons

You can manage your plan and add-on features in the Account section of your menu.

Visit our pricing page for a complete list of our offered plans and features. Whether upgrading or downgrading, the process to update your account is simple. 

Updating Your Plan

To update your plan or add-on features:

1. Go to the Accounts menu in the navigation bar. 
2. Click the Manage Plan and Add-on Features button. Your current plan is displayed in blue.

Manage Account Final

3. Expand the offered plans to view their details.

View Plans Final

4. Click the green button labeled UPDATE YOUR PLAN when you find the plan you want.

Update Plan Final

5. Click CONFIRM CHANGES in the bottom right corner to finalize the plan update.

Confirm Plan Update Final


Upgrading or Downgrading

When you upgrade your account, you will immediately be charged for the difference between your old plan and the new plan you are upgrading to. You'll have immediate access to the upgrades of your new plan and your next bill will show the cost of only the new plan. 


When you downgrade your account, you will see the new, reduced cost on your next bill. Your account and limits are downgraded at the next billing cycle. A great way to think of it is that you’re scheduling a downgrade rather than activating it immediately.



An add-on is considered any feature that was not already included in your chosen plan. Any plan can now add any add-on. 

Note: If you only want a few add-ons, but are comfortable with your current plan limits, you do not need to upgrade your overall plan. 


To add or remove add-ons:

1. Select the plan you’re interested in under Manage Plan and Add-on Features.

2. Expand the add-on(s) you want under Available to add.

3. Click the Add to plan button for each add-on. The add-on(s) you choose will automatically move to Currently added on the left.

Add-ons Final

4. Click the green button labeled UPDATE YOUR PLAN.

5. Click ADD FEATURES in the bottom left corner to confirm the add-on(s) to your plan. 


Adding or Removing Add-ons

When you select new add-ons for your plan, you will have immediate access to those add-ons. Your next bill will reflect the addition of these add-ons. 
When you remove add-ons from your plan, you lose access to them immediately. Those add-ons will then be removed from your next billing cycle.