In the Usage section of the Account menu, you can see when your billing cycle begins and ends. You can also view the amount of texts you have left in your plan for the current billing cycle.

You can view the usage of individual dashboards by pressing the View current usage details button at the bottom of the Usage section. All Usage billing is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), meaning the bill cutoff time may be different from your time zone's current time.  


These details will include:

  • The amount of texts received by each dashboard
  • The amount of text sent by each dashboard
  • The total number of MMS messages across each dashboard
  • The total amount of texts used by each dashboard 

Note, only Administrators can access the Account menu option.

What counts towards my usage?

Any text sent or received counts towards your total usage. The only exception is texts with Text Request support (423-218-0111), which are free.

A text can contain up to 160 characters. Messages containing more than 160 characters count as multiple texts towards your total usage. To help, there’s a character counter every time you compose a new message. 

Note that every time you text a contact for the first time, an opt out notice will automatically be attached to the end of the message. This notice is Text STOP to opt out and is 22 characters long. So it will add 22 characters to your overall message. If you want only one text counted toward your usage, you need to account for this opt out notice by keeping the rest of your message at 138 characters.