Toll-Free Number Verification

Toll-free numbers must be verified to send messages. Complete a quick form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Host the Number

Make sure that all toll-free numbers on your account are fully hosted. It can take several business days to complete the toll-free number hosting process. If you need to add additional toll-free numbers, contact your success representative to do so. 


Complete the Verification Form

Complete Text Request’s verification form once all your account's toll-free numbers are considered fully hosted. 

You only need to complete one form for all your hosted toll-free numbers. If you add new toll-free numbers later, you must complete another form and repeat the process for any new numbers. 

The form requires the following information:

Text Request Account Information: Your name, email, account ID, and all toll-free numbers in your account.

Organization Information: The organization’s legal name, state or province of incorporation, and a link to your terms of service and privacy policy.

Company Location: The organization’s mailing address.

Message Information: A short description of the type and purpose of your messages through Text Request, as well as some sample messages.

Contact Opt-In Flow: Provide information on how your contacts opt in to receive your messages. Common methods are a form or keyword. See our 10DLC Opt-In Options for more examples. 


Verification Process

After submitting your form, our support team will review your information and contact you with any issues that need to be resolved. They will then submit your information to our carriers for verification.


Once our carriers receive your information, your application will enter a pending status. Toll-free numbers cannot send messages until they are fully verified. 


Full verification from our carriers can take up to 10 days.