Create QR codes for contacts to scan and text you.

When a contact scans your QR code, their phone automatically creates a new text message with the provided phone number and prefilled message you assigned to the QR code. All they have to do is hit send!

To create a QR to SMS code:

1. Go to QR Code Generator.

2. Select SMS.

SMS QR Selector

3. Enter the phone number you want contacts to text.

4. Enter the message you want contacts to send.

5. Select Generate QR Code.

QR SMS Message

6. Download or copy your new QR code to use it wherever you want. 


QR to SMS works great with our Keywords feature. Create a keyword in Text Request, then use that keyword for the message section of your QR code. Contacts can easily subscribe or text in. 


There are plenty of other free generators if you want to use something else, but we used QR Code Generator for this example. The free version is easy to use and they offer a paid version with more customization and options if you need it.