Web App for Mac

Creating a Web App is a great solution for Mac users who want the benefits of a Desktop App.

Currently, only Windows devices can use our Desktop App, but fear not - we have an excellent alternative. Once the app is created, it's just one click to launch.

Visit Text Request with Safari to save any webpage you want as a web app. Web apps offer a streamlined, app-like experience so you can continue using Text Request independently of Safari or any other browser.


Note: To do this, you must have macOS Sonoma or later installed on your device.


How do I make a web app?

To create a web app:

1. Open Text Request in Safari.

2. Select File in the menu bar.

3. Select Add to Dock.

Mac Add to Dock

4. Enter a name for the web app. 

5. Click Add.

Text Request Web App

Your new web app will appear in the Dock and is saved to Applications in your home folder.

Once your Text Request web app is created, you can adjust the settings whenever you want. This includes changing the application name, URL, or icon, as well as various appearance options. 


How do I edit the web app?

To edit your web app:

1. Open the Text Request web app.

2. Click Text Request in the menu bar.

3. Select Settings from the menu.

Edit Text Request Web App


How do I use the web app?

Open the web app to immediately access whichever Text Request page you chose for the Application URL. This will open Text Request in a new window like an app, rather than as a browser. 

In the web app window, you have full access to your Text Request account. The toolbar allows you to:

  • Navigate forward or back with the arrows
  • Close, minimize, or go full-screen with the relevant buttons

Mac Text Request Web App