Desktop App for Windows

The Text Request Desktop App allows you to utilize all of Text Request’s features without ever having to open a web browser. All you need to run the app is an Internet connection and Windows 10 or 11.

Why Desktop App?

The Text Request Desktop App does not rely on the power of a web browser to function. You can access all of Text Request’s same great features with the desktop app, while also being able to set up desktop notifications.  


Note: For our Mac users, check out our Web App for Mac guide. While we don't currently offer a true desktop version for Mac, web apps are a great way to achieve a nearly identical experience. 

Install Desktop App

To install the Desktop App:

1. Go to the desktop app download page.


3. Open the file that just downloaded to your computer.

Desktop Installation Final

4. Click Yes to allow changes.

5. Choose a Destination Folder for the program. 

6. Click Install.

Desktop App Install Final


7. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

Desktop App Finish Final


The new Text Request Desktop App will immediately open. You will need to sign in with your Text Request account information just like you would in the browser version. Once you’re logged in, you’re good to go!

Login Screen