Forwarding Messages

With Text Request, you can easily forward messages you’ve sent or received to contacts who weren’t originally part of the conversation.

Forwarding a message is fast and simple with several different options depending on which view you are using. Note that when forwarding a message to a different contact, the forwarded message starts with “Forwarded from” and the number that initially sent the message. The forwarded message will appear exactly as it did originally and you cannot add any additional information to it.


This counts towards the character count for that message, possibly causing it to exceed the 160-character limit per text message. 


To forward from a conversation:

1. Click on the conversation with the message you want to forward.

2. Click the message you want to forward

3. Select the right-facing arrow from the options that pop up.

Forward Message Final

4. Enter the contact name or number to which you want to forward the message.

5. Click the green FORWARD button in the bottom right corner.

Forward Message Window Final

If you want to forward the same message to multiple contacts, you’ll need to repeat the process above for each contact. 


When using Classic View, you can forward the most recent message in a conversation directly from the conversation block without opening the entire conversation thread. Condensed View requires you to open the conversation to forward any messages and Combined View automatically opens the conversation for you.