Custom Merge

Custom Merge (formerly Text Merge/Group Merge Messaging) uses a spreadsheet (.csv file) to send a group message with customizable fields. This allows you to personalize each message to the individual receiving it.

Custom Merge is great for setting up appointments for different individuals or sending personalized invitations to an upcoming event. For instance, you could have a Merge Field for the contact's first name and the date of their appointment. It would look like this:

Hi [First Name]! Quick reminder about your cleaning appointment on [Date]. Please confirm, or let us know if you need to reschedule.

But it would send like this:

Hi Katherine! Quick reminder about your cleaning appointment on Dec. 4. Please confirm, or let us know if you need to reschedule.

To start a new Custom Merge:

1. Go to Group Messages under Messages

2. Click Custom Merge Message

3. Upload the .csv file of contacts you want to message.

Upload Merge Message 2 Final

4. Confirm you have permission to message the contacts and click NEXT.

5. Compose the message you want to send (including any pre-saved signatures, templates, images, or scheduled time you want to add).

6. Click on a Merge Field to insert that column's information into your message.

Compose Merge Message 2 Final

7. Click NEXT and we will scan your message to make sure it won’t be flagged for spam.

8. Click CONTINUE when the scan is complete. 

9. Review your message, then click SEND

Send Merge Message Final


Note: Pay attention to the character counter below your message. Whenever you add a Merge Field, the average character count for that column is added to your character count. The final, actual number of characters and texts sent may be different than stated.


How do you format a CSV file for a Custom Merge message?

Uploaded files must be a .csv file. Additionally, for best results follow the guidelines below:

  • Column headers need to be in the first row.
  • Phone numbers need to be in the first column. 
  • Blank fields will result in an error message while uploading.