A conversation contains a permanent record of an entire correspondence with a specific contact. Conversations are used to view entire message histories and to respond to incoming messages.

Conversation Views

Depending on how you view your messages in Text Request, your conversations may look a little different. You may hear conversations referred to as conversation blocks because of their appearance in Classic View, but these are no different from any other conversation in the other two viewing types. 



Conversation Classic Final 



Conversation Condensed Final



Conversation Combined Final


Selecting a conversation will show the entire message history with that contact.

Clicking the contact name in a conversation block will:

  • Display the contact's display name, first name, last name, status, as well as any custom fields, groups, contact tags, or notes associated with the contact
  • Give you the option to review the contact's message history, send the contact a message, or delete the contact
  • Review and change the contact's status

Each message is time stamped with the date and time each message was sent/received, and will display the Text Request user who responds to the message.

Resolving Messages

Messages are automatically resolved whenever you reply to or forward a message. You can resolve or unresolve a message at any time by checking or unchecking its resolved box.

All unresolved messages will appear at the top of the Conversations queue, so you can quickly see which messages need attention. However, if you apply different filters or sorting options, those will change the order of messages based on your selections.

Unresolved messages will always be white, while resolved messages will be grey.  You can filter your conversations view based on resolved/unresolved messages.

A pen will appear when other users are responding to messages, so your team can avoid sending multiple responses to the same message.

Downloading Messages

Going into any conversation allows you to download messages from that conversation. You can either download all messages with that contact or download all messages in a certain date range of your choosing. The message history saves as a PDF file directly to your computer.

To download message history:

1. Go into the conversation you want to download.

2. Click the download button in the top right corner. 

Download Messages Final3. Select either download all messages or download all messages in a date range.

4. Select your date range if that is the option you're using.

Download Messages By Date Final

5. Click Download once you’re ready and the file automatically downloads to your computer.