Contact Experience: Leaving a Review

Take a look at what your customers see when completing a review request you've sent them.

With Text Request Reviews, you can choose whether or not to connect public review platforms to your Review Campaigns. Each campaign can have a different set of platforms connected and if you want to learn more about this process, check out our Creating & Managing Review Campaigns guide.

The process contacts complete to leave a review is simple, regardless of whether they're leaving a public review or private feedback. However, the process varies slightly depending on if the campaign is connected to a public platform or not. We've detailed each experience for you below. 

At Least One Platform Connected

When a customer selects the review request link, they are redirected to a welcome screen asking about their experience. They can either select positive (thumbs up) or negative (thumbs down). The logo and company name you set up in the branding section of Reviews Settings appears here. 

Customer Flow Home


If positive, they are asked to leave a public review and can choose from the platforms you have enabled for the associated Review Campaign. Customers are immediately redirected to your company’s page for the selected platform and can leave their review there. 

Customer Flow Positive Review


If negative, they are asked to leave private feedback on how things could improve in the future. Private feedback does not appear on your public platforms and only you can see the message. Customers still have the option to leave a public review and are redirected to the above screen if they select that option. 

Customer Flow Negative Experience


Though not as frequent, sometimes customers want to share positive feedback with you rather than leave a public review. In this case, they can select the Send [company] private feedback option under your connected platforms.

Customer Flow Positive Feedback


No Public Platforms Connected

Sometimes, you may send customers a Review Campaign that has not been connected to any public platforms. In that case, the process is similar to the one detailed above, but the contact is immediately taken to the applicable private feedback screen depending on whether they selected thumbs up or thumbs down. 

Due to not having any public platforms connected, a contact completing this type of campaign automatically skips the option to leave a public review.