Contact Tags

Contact Tags help you categorize contacts and give you another way to filter them. For instance, you might create contact tags to organize which rep is working with that contact, or which stage of the sales funnel they fit into.

To create a new Contact Tag:

1. Go to the Contacts section of your Text Request menu

2. Under Manage, select Contact Tags



3. Select + New Contact Tag



4. Name your tag and assign a color (for easy identification and filtering)



5. Select Add Tag

You can edit a tag’s name and color anytime by moving your mouse over it and selecting the pencil icon. Any edits you make to a tag will automatically update across the rest of your dashboard.

You can edit an existing contact’s tags by opening its contact Details tab from the Contacts section of your dashboard, or anywhere else that contact is shown. Just:

1. Select on the contact’s phone number or name to open its Details

2. Select Contact Tags

3. Select Add Contact Tags

4. Select Save Edits



To remove a contact tag, select the X next to the tag, then select Save Edits.

Contacts can have multiple tags.