Tagging a Contact

Contact Tags help you group and identify contacts based on the tags you create.

To create a new Contact Tag:

1. Go to Contacts.

2. Under Manage, select Contact Tags.

Manage Contact Tags Final


Add New Contact Tag Final

4. Name your tag and assign a color (for easy identification and filtering).

5. Click Add Tag.

Create New Contact Final


Editing Contact Tags

You can edit a tag’s name and color anytime by moving your mouse over it and clicking the pencil icon. Any edits you make to a tag will automatically update across the rest of your dashboard. 

Edit Contact Tags Final

You can edit an existing contact’s tags by opening the contact’s Details section in the Contacts menu of your dashboard.

To edit a Contact’s existing tags:

1. Click the Contact’s phone number to open its Details.

2. Click Contact Tags.

3. Click Add Contact Tags.

4. Click on the name of the Contact Tag or the + button.

5. Click Save Edits.

Edit Existing Contact Tags Final

6. To remove a contact tag, click the X next to the tag, then click Save Edits.

Contacts can have any number of tags or no tags at all. The Details section can also be accessed anywhere else that contact is shown, such as Conversation Blocks or Payments