Setting Up Peer to Peer

Our Peer to Peer feature sends one-to-one messages at scale to connect you with targeted supporters or volunteers.

A standard Text Request account does not come with Peer to Peer texting enabled, because it's a premium feature that has special pricing associated with it (and is not an applicable feature to many types of businesses).

Below are the steps for setup.

1. Get Your Campaign Verify Token

Text Request does not accept any political traffic that cannot be properly registered. Your organization or federal race must use Campaign Verify to obtain a token of approval to be registered. 

Federal campaigns will have a different process for this than state and local campaigns.

Federal campaigns need to register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), then submit their FEC ID, campaign address, and contact information to Campaign Verify.

State, local, and tribal campaigns will need to submit a URL from their election authority, which contains their filing record, including a postal address, and optional email address.

Verification for either type of campaign costs $95.00 per verification and lasts for a 2-year election cycle. For example, all tokens issued in 2021 will be valid through January 31, 2023.

Getting your campaign verified means two things:

  1. Your campaigns is in fact who you say you are
  2. It signals to The Campaign Registry carriers and service providers that your messages don’t need to be filtered

Here’s what getting the token looks like step by step:

Submission: After submission, a Campaign Verify staffer examines the verification request. Approval will take no more than two business days.

Approval and PIN: Once approved, a PIN will be sent via email or USPS.

Submit PIN: Once you receive a PIN code, log in to Campaign Verify, using the same email account you used to send the submission, and enter the PIN code.

Authentication Token: After the correct PIN code has been entered, the submission will be verified. You can now generate a unique Authentication Token to send to your texting provider, which will then be submitted to The Campaign Registry to unlock Political 10DLC messaging and throughputs. 

Once you have your verification token, you’ll use it to register with The Campaign Registry through your texting provider. T-Mobile and AT&T require political entities utilizing 10DLC messaging to register their brand and obtain a verification token via Campaign Verify. This is mandatory, since unverified numbers will have their messages filtered at a higher rate.

It will take at least a week to set up a campaign for texting, so plan ahead. There will also be small additional fees from mobile carriers and Campaign Verify to register your number.

2. Complete Our P2P Setup Questionnaire

Once you have your Campaign Verify Token, you will use it to complete our P2P Setup Questionnaire.

We’ll take your Campaign Verify token and register your campaign for you. Multiple campaigns can be registered, but remember that each one will receive that individual $95.00 verification fee.

Peer to Peer account set up time after you complete this questionnaire is 1-2 business days.

We’ll notify you when your setup is complete. Then you can begin creating Peer to Peer campaigns

Any questions about our Peer to Peer set up can be directed to