Sending Peer to Peer Campaigns

After you create a campaign, you can start sending it.  To do that:

1. Go to Current Campaigns in the Peer to Peer section of your menu

2. Select SEND next to every recipient listed, or use the enter key on your keyboard

If your campaign is scheduled, you have to hit SEND before the scheduled time for it to send. Hitting SEND does not send the message immediately for a scheduled campaign, but allows it to be sent at the scheduled time. 

If your scheduled time passes and you haven't hit SEND for all recipients, the campaign will only be sent to those you have hit SEND for. Hitting SEND after the scheduled time has passed will cause the message to be sent immediately.

Note: While multiple users can be sending multiple campaigns simultaneously, an individual user can only send one campaign at a time. 


Monitoring Campaign Progress

To monitor how a campaign is doing:

1.  Go to Current Campaigns in the Peer to Peer section of your menu

2. Select Campaign Details, then select Progress

From there you can access the following information:

Processed Messages

A message is considered processed after a user has clicked Send on the recipient. 

Most of the time processed messages will be sent, but occasionally we will not send a message to a requested recipient. If a recipient has previously opted out of messages from you we will not send them your message. 


All your sent messages are broken down into two categories. Delivered and Not Delivered. The majority of your messages should be delivered if the recipients you uploaded are mobile numbers. 

If your message is not delivered, it could be for several reasons. You can download the recipient report for details. Find the recipient report under the Message section of the Campaign Details section. 


Ending a Campaign 

To end a campaign after you’re finished with it:

1. Select the campaign
2. Scroll down to the Progress section of your selected campaign
3. Select End Campaign
4. Type END into the new box and select Confirm

Campaigns that are ended are moved to Completed Campaigns.

A scheduled campaign will not be sent to anyone if it is canceled before the scheduled time. Non-scheduled campaigns will still be sent to anyone you hit send to.