Scheduling a Message in Advance

Set up messages to send at a later date or time.

Scheduling a message is exactly what it sounds like and allows you to Compose a message in advance, then set a date and time for the Contact to receive the message. This is great for scheduling reminders or notifications in advance for your Contacts



Note: Scheduled messages follow the same time zone as the device used to create them or most recently edit them. If a user in Florida schedules a message to send at 8:00 am EST, a user in California will see that message as scheduled to send at 5:00 am PST. 


To schedule a message in advance:

1. Select the Compose Message button in the top right corner. 

2. Enter the contact and message you want to send. 

3. Select the clock icon and set the date and time you want the message to send.

4. Select Set Schedule.

5. Click SCHEDULE and your message will send at the date and time you set. 

Schedule a Message Final

If you need to schedule multiple messages, simply repeat the process above for all of the messages you want to schedule. You can assign different dates and times to each message. See all of your scheduled messages in the View Scheduled Messages tab. 


To schedule a group message in advance:

1. Create a new group message. 

2. Enter the contacts you want to send the message to. 

3. Select the clock icon on the message screen. 

Schedule Group Message

4. Select the date and time for when you want the group message to be sent. 

5. Click Next to continue to the spam scanner. 

6. Click Continue when the spam scanner finishes.

7. Click Schedule


Canceling a Scheduled Message

Once you schedule a message, you CANNOT edit that message or the time it has been scheduled for. Instead, you can delete the scheduled message any time before the scheduled time. Then, just compose a new message or the same message scheduled for a different time. 


To cancel a scheduled message: 

1. Select the View Scheduled Messages tab.

2. Find the scheduled message you want to cancel.

3. Click the trash bin icon (cancel message). 

4. Select YES, CANCEL.

Cancel a Scheduled Message Final