Message Tags

Message tags are labels that you can attach to individual messages to help you keep better, more organized records.

New Message Tag Final

Message tags help you track things that are important to your business.

For instance, you might want to note every time you get feedback (good or bad), so that your team can periodically sit down to determine what you’re doing well and what could be better. 

In that case, you could create the tag “Feedback” to attach to all feedback-related messages.

Another example would be when you want to keep up with how many cancellations you get, how often you get asked the same question, new feature requests, or how many text leads come in over a period of time. 

In these cases, you could create tags called “Cancellations,” “Inquiry,” “Feature Requests,” and “Leads," accordingly. 

Whatever details are important for you to keep up with, we recommend tagging. As particular messages come in, tag them appropriately, and pull reports on those tags to gain insights.

To create a Message Tag: 

1. Go to the Message Tags section under the Settings menu.

2. Click the New Tag button.

3. Enter the name of the Tag you want to create. 

4. Click Add Tag.


You can edit a tag by selecting the pencil icon next to their name. Any changes will be made throughout your dashboard.

Edit Message Tag Final


Adding Tags to a Message

Message tags can only be added to individual messages (not to Group Messages or Contacts), but you can add as many tags to as many of those messages as you want.

To add a Message Tag through the queue: 

1. Select the tag icon on the bottom of the conversation block (the tag will save to the most recent message).

2. Select all tags that apply from the dropdown menu.

3. Click Save.

To add a Message Tag from a message thread:

1. Click the message you want to tag.

2. Select the tag icon from the options that pop up.

3. Select all tags that apply from the dropdown menu.

4. Click Save.