HIPAA Compliant Account

A HIPAA compliant account is intended to safely send protected health information.

These accounts meet the security and encryption standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as the standards added by:

  • The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
  • The Privacy Rule
  • The Security Rule
  • The Omnibus Rule

A HIPAA compliant account looks identical to normal accounts, aside from the blue badge next to the dashboard selector marking them as such. 



Once an account is HIPAA compliant, the entire account is compliant, including all of your dashboards. These accounts will also automatically log out after 4 hours of inactivity to protect sensitive information from being left out in the open .

There are two different ways to make your HIPAA account compliant depending on if you just signed up for your Text Request account or have an existing account.

Both require reaching out to our team directly at: support@textrequest.com

Note that an admin level user will be required to authorize set up. There is also a $50/mo additional fee.

How to make your account HIPAA compliant if you’re a new user:

When you sign up, you’ll reach out to our team and tell us you want your account to be HIPAA compliant.

If you have not done this already, email: support@textrequest.com

In the email include that you wish to add on the additional $50/mo fee for being HIPAA compliant.

How to make your account HIPAA compliant if you’re an existing user:

Email support@textrequest.com, and in the email include:

  • That you wish to add on the additional $50/mo fee for being HIPAA compliant
  • Whether or not you need to keep your existing dashboards

This process can take anywhere around 15 business days depending on how many numbers you need to move over. We will send you a BAA agreement as part of the process.