Deleting Contacts

Contacts in Text Request cannot be deleted unless they have no prior message history (for compliance reasons).

Deleting a contact is useful if you added an invalid, disconnected, or landline number that you could not previously send a message.

To delete a contact:

1. Select Contacts in the navigation menu. 

2. Select the contact you want to delete. 

3. Click the Delete Contact button in the contact details menu.

4. Click the Yes button to confirm deletion. 

Delete Contact


Note: You cannot mass delete contacts, but you can mass archive them. For more information on mass actions, see our help guide

If you have a contact with an existing message history you’d no longer like to message, you can Archive them. Archived contacts will be removed from auto-fill suggestions and the conversations menu.

You will not see them unless you send them a message later, or choose to view Archived Contacts in your contact filter. Archived contacts are automatically activated if a message is sent to or received from them. For more information on archived contacts, see our help guide