Adding Dashboards

Dashboards are the 10-digit phone numbers used to send and receive texts through Text Request. You can have as many dashboards under one account as you like.

Each additional dashboard gives you another, fully customizable, Text Request login (for a fraction of the cost of a new account).

Every Text Request account comes with one dashboard included.

To add more Dashboards:

1. Go to the Dashboards section of your menu. 

2. Click the New Dashboard button.

New Dashboard


From this screen, you can choose Option 1 - New Number or Option 2 - Existing Number

Option 1 - New Number:

1. Click NEW NUMBER.

2. Click the country you're in and enter the area code you’d prefer to use.

3. Click SEARCH.

SMS New Number Final

4. Click any of the numbers from the list to select it. If you don’t like any of the available numbers, click Refresh List to generate a new list.   

5. Click I’LL TAKE IT  to purchase the selected number. 

Option 2 - Existing Number:


2. Enter the phone number you’d like to SMS-enable (host).

3. Click CHECK (this will confirm whether the number can be hosted in Text Request).

SMS Existing Number Final

4. Complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA) form. If a form does not load, check your email.

5. Your number should be activated that same business day, so check back periodically.


Alternative: If the number you enter cannot be hosted, you can check a different number or get a text-only number from Text Request by clicking Option 1 - New Number.