Adding Individual Contacts to a Group

There are two different ways to add a contact to a group. You can do it through the Contacts page or the Contact Details of the selected contact. 

To add a contact to a group on the Contacts page:

1. Go to Contacts from the navigation menu.

2. Select View Groups at the top.

3. Select the group you want to add a member to.

4. Select Members.

Members to Add Contact Group

5. Select Add Contact.

6. Enter an existing contact's name or number. 

7. Click Add a New Contact

Add Contact to Group


To add a contact to a group from Contact Details:

1. Select the contact’s name or number to open their Contact Details window.

2. Select Group Membership.

3. Select the Add a Group dropdown button.

Contact Details Add Group

4. Choose as many groups as you want.

5. Click Add.

6. Click Save Edits.