10DLC Complete Walkthrough

A step-by-step walkthrough of the 10DLC registration process and what you need to do for approval.

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Accessing 10DLC Management

Company Information Form

Company Type & Identification

Company Contact Information

Company Stock Information

Company Vertical & Website

Use Case Form

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Use Case Details

Opt-In Method

Accessing 10DLC Management

For new accounts currently going through onboarding, click the Register button for 10DLC Registration.

10DLC Management_Onboarding


For established accounts that still need to complete 10DLC registration, go to Account and select 10DLC Management.

10DLC Management_Account


Company Information Form

To complete the Company Information form, you’ll need to know:

  • Your company’s legal name
  • Your company’s country of registration
  • The type of your organization (private, publicly traded, nonprofit)
  • Your company’s tax number/ID/EIN
  • Your business’s website 


Company Type & Identification


1. Select your entity type. The options are:

Private Company – your company is owned by an individual or group and not traded on public markets.

Publicly Traded Company – your company’s ownership is organized via shares of stock which are intended to be freely traded on a stock exchange or other markets. 

Non-profit – your company is operated for charitable or socially beneficial purposes rather than to make a profit.

Government – your company is owned or associated with the federal, state, or provincial (Canada) government. 


2. Enter your company's legal name

This second field is your company’s name for filing and registration purposes. For example, Text Request, LLC.


3. Enter your company's common name

This first field is your company’s common, everyday name. For example, Text Request.


4. (USA) Enter your Employee Identification Number (EIN) in the last field. 

(Canada) Enter your 9-digit Business Number (BN) in this field instead. 

This is the unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (USA) or Canada Revenue Agency (Canada) to business entities. 


5. Select the EIN Issuing Country (Canada or USA).

Company Contact Information

This section covers your company’s contact information, including phone number and email address, as well as the company’s physical address. 


1. Enter a valid phone number for your business. 

This should be a voice-enabled phone number. 


2. Enter your company’s street address and city.


3. Select your country from the options listed (USA or Canada). 


4. Select the applicable State/Province in the following dropdown. 


5. Enter your postal code in the given field.


6. Enter an active, valid email address for your company.

Free email services (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) are acceptable but have a higher chance of rejection. If you have a business domain email, enter that here.

Company Stock Information

If you selected Publicly Traded Company at the beginning, continue with this section. All other company types can continue to Company Vertical & Website.


1. Enter your stock ticker symbol in the given field.

This is the combination of letters (and potentially numbers) that represent your company on the exchange it’s listed.


2. Select the stock exchange your company is found on from the provided dropdown list. 

Company Vertical & Website


1. Select your company vertical from the dropdown list. 

Your company vertical is the sector your company does business in. For example, Text Request would select the Technology vertical because we are a software company. 

You can only select one vertical, so if you think your company can be considered multiple, go with the one that most seems to fit with your day-to-day operations. 


2. Enter the URL for your website. 

Warning: Entering an email address or Facebook page here usually results in the application being rejected. 


3. Read and check the box next to each privacy policy statement.

Make sure that each of these statements is true for your website and privacy policy. If your website and privacy policy do not adhere to these statements, your 10DLC application will be rejected, delaying your ability to send text messages. 

Privacy Policy Statements


4. Optional: You can select an alternate business identifier type and enter that alternate identifier in the last field of the form. 


5. Click Submit and wait for the form to be accepted. 

This rarely takes longer than a single business day and is usually accepted within the hour.


Use Case Form

To complete the Use Case form, you’ll need to have:

  • Descriptions of each campaign you text for
  • Sample messages for each campaign you text for
  • A description of how contacts opt-in to receive your messages

This form defines what you plan to use business text messaging for. Each dashboard can only have one use case, but multiple dashboards can have the same use case.  

Note: Remember, the information you provide in this form is for your entire company.

Your Use Case

1. Select the option that best defines what your dashboard will be used for. 

For example, if you will text customers to let them know when their delivery is on its way, select the Delivery Notifications option.


2. Click Next to proceed to the next section.

Use Case Vertical

1. Select your company vertical from the dropdown list.

This should be the same as, or similar to, the vertical you selected in the company form.


2. Click Next to proceed to the next section.

Use Case Details

1. The Use Case Name field should automatically be filled out based on your vertical.


2. Enter a short description of your use case.

In a few short sentences, describe what this dashboard will be used for on a regular basis. 


3. Enter a sample message.

Give an example, or three, of the types of messages you will be sending to contacts. For example, a Delivery Notifications use case would have a sample message about a customer’s order recently shipping with an expected delivery date. 


4. Select an answer for the loan or direct lending information question.

Note: If you selected Financial as your use case vertical in the previous section, you MUST answer yes to this question. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. 


5. Click Next to proceed to the final section.

Opt-In Method

Per 10DLC guidelines, you are required to collect opt-ins from all of your contacts. We offer four different ways to do this. 

Note: If your website contains a contact form, select the Opt-In Language on Website option. Any website with a contact form must include proper opt-in consent language. 


1. Select an opt-in method from the list. 

Opt-In Keyword – Select this option if you want contacts to opt in using the keyword “OPTIN” provided by Text Request. All accounts have access to this free keyword regardless of whether Keywords are part of their plan or not. 

Paper/Digital Form – Select this option if you want contacts to opt in by manually filling out a paper or digital form that isn’t found on your website. You must upload a copy of the form to receive 10DLC approval. 

Opt-In Language on Website – Select this option if you want contacts to opt in by manually indicating (usually a checkbox) that they want to receive text messages from you. You must share the URL and specific directions for where this language is on your website. 

Verbal Opt-In – Select this option if you want contacts to opt in by confirming verbally in person or over the phone that they want to receive text messages from you. You must share the opt-in script contacts will hear before opting in. 


2. Click Submit My Registration and you’re all set.

Your application has now been submitted for approval, but it will take several weeks for full approval from our connectivity partners.