All messages sent to and received from your Text Request dashboards will sync with your SugarCRM contacts when this integration is active.

This is useful for texting from multiple dashboards under one SugarCRM account. You can also text multiple leads and customers directly within your SugarCRM account using the Text Request Dashlet.

Note, only contacts that already exist within SugarCRM will be textable. Any contacts' phone numbers that only exist within Text Request will need to be manually added to SugarCRM, and any messages prior to the sync will not be included. Syncing starts with messages sent after the integration is turned on.

All dashboards within your Text Request account can use this integration, and you can choose which dashboards do and do not sync. For example, 10 reps could text from 10 unique dashboards under the same account. You just need an admin level user within both Text Request and SugarCRM to set the integration up.

How do you set up this integration?

This integration will need to be installed manually within SugarCRM as a Dashlet to work.

Once the Text Request Dashlet is installed by an admin level user (both within SugarCRM and Text Request), this integration can be activated and customized by individual users.

For initial admin set up:

1. Log in to SugarCRM, and go to the Admin section of your account

2. Scroll down to the Developer Tools section, and select “Module Loader



3. Upload our Text Request module file into the Module (you will need to ask our team directly for this at:



4. Once the file is uploaded, it will appear in the box below as “Text Request," and you will select the Install button next to it



5. A new window will open and ask if you are ready to install, select the Commit button, and the installation will begin (this may take a few minutes)

6. A notification will appear when the installation is complete

Now individual users can begin activating this integration within their Text Request dashboard.

For individual user set up:

1. Go to the Integrations section of your menu

2. Locate the SugarCRM integration box underneath the “Everyday Tools” section

3. Select “Set Up” within the SugarCRM box



4. If an admin followed the steps above, your Text Request Dashlet has already been set up, and you can select “My Dashlet is set up!



5. Enter your SugarCRM login credentials, and select “Connect to SugarCRM"



6. The integration will become active, and all its settings can be managed from within the SugarCRM Text Request Dashlet

To edit individual Text Request Dashlet settings:

1. Log in to SugarCRM

2. Select “Add Dashlet” under your Contacts Record Dashboard



3. Scroll down on the new page that appears, and select the Text Request Dashlet



4. The Text Request Dashlet will now appear within your Contacts Record Dashboard, where you can edit its settings



How do you disconnect this integration?

When you no longer wish to use the integration, you can disconnect it by following these steps:

1. Go to the Integrations section of your dashboard

2. Locate the SugarCRM integration box underneath the “Everyday Tools” section

3. Select “Settings” within the SugarCRM box

4. Select “Delete integration” on the new page that appears



5. A new window will open asking you to confirm that you’re sure you’d like to delete the integration

Once this integration is deleted, messages will remain within the SugarCRM contact, but no new messages will be synced.

You may reconnect this integration at any time to begin syncing new messages again.