Exporting Contacts

There are two ways to export contacts. One is by filtering the contacts you want to export and the other is by selecting them.

Filtering is a good way to export a large amount of contacts at once (like for example all of your active contacts), while selecting individual contacts is best suited for a smaller sized export. 

To export contacts by filtering them: 

1. Go to the Contacts section of your menu

2. Filter the contacts you want to export by using the Filter My List toolbar



3. Select Apply Filter once you have selected all your desired filters

4. Your contact list will refresh with your filtered contacts, and then you can select Export



You'll then be able to view a report of your filtered exported contacts in the Manage section under Export History once this is completed.



These exports are organized by the date and filters you selected, and they can be downloaded by selecting the download icon. 



To export contacts by selecting them:

1. Go to the Contacts section of your menu

2.  Find the contacts you wish to export (the search bar can be useful for this) 


search bar


3. Checkmark your desired contacts, then select the Export icon



You'll be able to pull you exported list immediately from your downloads.