Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to save general facts about your contact to help you better remember them on a more individual basis.

To create a new custom field category:

1. Go to the Contacts section of your Text Request menu



2. Under Manage, select Custom Fields



3. Select + New Custom Field



You can edit custom fields categories by moving your mouse over it and selecting the pencil icon.

Any changes you make to a category's name will automatically be made across all of your contacts, so be sure to update their information accordingly. For example, if you change a custom field category name from “Favorite Color” to “First Job,” the custom fields who you entered favorite colors for will still have that information in that slot.



You can edit an individual contact’s custom field at any time from anywhere in Text Request that shows contacts.

1. Select on the contact’s phone number or name to open its Details

2. Select Custom Fields

3. Type your note in the appropriate field

4. Select Save Edits